Fast-track your business in Japan

Introducing an electronic design automation (EDA) tool or intellectual property (IP) to the design community in Japan can be a big challenge. Nyquist provides various services ranging from a client’s first introduction of their product into the Japan market, to securing the client’s first few customers, through the development required to expand the client’s business, and eventually set-up their own K.K.. Nyquist focuses on the sales of its client’s product, drawing on the technical know-how of its clients for support.

The following is a sample of the services provided by Nyquist to its clients:

Providing business chance and plan settings Bench-mark or Evaluation
  • Appointment
  • Meeting setup
  • Sales
  • Wrap-Up
  • Preparation
  • Workspace
  • Closing Japanese Office Establishment
  • Direct sales procedures
  • Remote sales procedures
  • Consulting for establishment of K.K.
  • Registration procedures
  • Office management