Nyquist assists your business to expand in Japan.

The fact that the situation in declaring growth of Japanese economy is getting a lot better lately, still those investments especially in the field of semi-conductor related softwares are running low. Generally, EDA tools tend to be extremely high cost, even the major EDA companies that already has the Japanese arms are having hard time in the industry.

However, interests for gathering information of cutting-edge technology and softwares that are hard to obtain from the major EDA companies are still very high in the industry, good products has many chance to expand in the market. In the other hand, existing distributing companies are facing the situations of continuous Mergers and Accusations of their head quarters, or losing their distributorship without obtaining profit from incorporating in Japan, it is considered to be a money losing business. Usually it takes 2 to 3 years to start the sales of the new product in Japan even with enough human resources supplied. Therefore many companies nowadays keep their sales rights without having supplied enough human resource, and are usually non-active until the certain amount is sold. One of the reason to this is that, fully experienced sales person or application engineers are transferred to the EDA companies in Japan in the last 10 years, there are less human resources to the independent sales representatives.

Existing EDA venders to advance in Japanese industries are facing hard times. Using multiple distributors to try out is one alternative although many companies are withdrawing from the Japanese market because of the unprofitable distributors. It is hard to make profit when distributor itself considers EDA business as a money losing business. The motivation is running low for those distributors. EDA companies that are considering to start operating in the Japanese industry must take the risks for investing, however using those low-motivated distributor is apparently a waste of time, transferring to tangible result at the right price is the correct decision.

Consequently the solution is to incorporate the business in Japan. Although, the establishment of the business tends to be high-risk. Recruiting top-class personnel is not only the matter of high salary but considering the same class of social security with the Japanese companies. Maintaining the office cause the expense monthly even without profit. Nyquist assists the EDA vendors with such problems and provides appropriate service at the right fair to help the incorporation in Japan.

The process to incorporate in Japan is a complex task, and the support of native Japanese engineers to fulfill the customer is extremely essential. Moreover, it is difficult to retain well personnel without having an established company.

Nyquist, with a good experienced staff in the industry for 20 years, will consult and support your establishment in the Japanese industry,

We have included a brochure detailing the service we offer for your consideration. We would appreciate it if you would give the matter proper attention.